NHS Professionals Recruitment campaign.

The Challenge.

Over 130,000 people are bank members with NHS Professionals right now. They form the largest NHS staff bank in the country, supporting over 50 NHS Trusts to reduce staff shortages and deliver world-class healthcare. NHS Professionals came to Clearhead as their choice of video production agency to spotlight the caring nature of people working in the sector. Workshopping the creative approach with the client during our Creative Chemistry workshop, ‘Never Not Caring’ is a promotional campaign that opens with the question: why do you do what you do? The film then portrays the day-to-day hectic lives of NHS staff, from delivering babies to performing emergency life-saving procedures.
Play with sound

Building on a successful relationship.

Shot across three days and multiple locations we produced 60, 30, and 15-second edits for distribution across social channels as well as paid advertisement spots. The campaign has been recognised and picked up by publications such as The Drum which has elevated brand awareness and resulted in increased engagement.
"Our most successful campaign yet! With the help of Clearhead’s support and talent in the production of our campaign film, our Summer campaign achieved 70% more reach for 40% less cost."