NHS Professionals Recruitment films.

The Challenge.

Over 130,000 people are bank members with NHS Professionals right now. They form the largest NHS staff bank in the country, supporting over 50 NHS Trusts to reduce staff shortages and deliver world-class healthcare. NHS Professionals came to Clearhead as their choice of video production agency to solve two problems. Firstly that NHS Prof staff aren't appreciated onwards as they only show up on a part-time basis. Which frustrated full-time NHS staff and sometimes made it difficult to integrate. Secondly, that full-time staff and the wider general public didn't understand why NHS Prof workers would only be part-time.
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The Solution.

Our solution was to communicate how NHS Professionals staff can seamlessly integrate into any ward at anytime as flexible key workers. We proposed filming a one-shot film that follows the story of a retired nurse with years of experience, spending time with her grandchildren. Seamlessly moving into focusing on as a determined medical student fitting ward shifts around their full-time study at University. Not only did this display the common situations as to why NHS Professional workers need to be flexible, but the one-shot shows how these flexible staff members seamlessly integrate into any ward and are always fully qualified to support any team.
The shoot took place over two days with access to the fully functioning St Thomas hospital simulation ward in London. The first day was based on the preparation of lighting and rehearsal with the actors. The second day was all about getting the filming and execution right. In addition to the simulation ward, we also worked with NHS professional nursing staff to ensure all practices shown in the film were as accurate as possible. The results have been successfully received by the organisation and target audience.

Building on a successful relationship.

After the success of the #shiftingperceptions campaign, we were asked to create a suite of content to show the support NHS provides to its members. They wanted to show the opportunities, benefits, and flexibility of being a member of NHS Professionals, along with the rewards of playing an impactful role within the NHS.
Crafted for social distribution, we developed a suite of 45 second films to be distributed across social media platforms. Engaging and provoking consideration in the mindsets of people thinking about changing direction and looking for a more flexible career opportunity within healthcare.
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"Our most successful campaign yet! With the help of Clearhead’s support and talent in the production of our campaign video, our Winter campaign achieved 60% more reach for 20% less cost."