Nuffield Health Brand Film.

The Challenge.

Nuffield Health brand film Working with creative agency, LAW creative. We were tasked to execute the filmmaking and production of Nuffield's content creation alongside the agency's producers and creative director. Nuffield Health wanted to establish a suite of films for their social media channels that told the stories of individuals Nuffield Health had impacted and supported. As well as establishing a suite of informative experience films that promoted the variety of classes available. Creating and curating regular content has established a strong resource of content on Nuffield's social channels to support engagement and provided value to their audience.

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The Solution.

Clearhead produced the suite of content, working alongside the client to arrange logistics and pragmatic approach to capturing the content. Working as a small crew as to not overwhelm the protagonists, we we're able to nimbly craft the stories over the course of two day's. A director, producer and director of photography working to together to move between locations and capture the essence of the narrative. For the Ben tries series we we're able to work with our fantastic talent to capture him participating in a suite of classes throughout the day, we don't quite know how he kept going! The films have we're edited and exported meeting all required social platform requirements and format's including complete subtitling for the audio impaired.
“Matt and Olivia's story is powerful. By approaching the incident sensitively with them both, we we're able to capture an honest and emotive story.”