The Police Stop and search animations.

The Challenge.

After the award-winning success of our "against violence and exploitation" campaign with Bedfordshire Police, we were commissioned to produce an innovative suite of e-learning training films for the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire forces.

To be used to engage and educate officers to the correct policies and procedures of stop and search in order to combat false arrests, negligence, and overal to conduct stop and search in an informed and appropriate manner.

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The Solution.

Within our Creative Chemistry workshop™, we agreed an animation approach to communicating our messaging would achieve greater engagement and allow us to craft bespoke visuals. Removing limitations we may face if to produce live action training films, such as access, diversity and resource.
We produced a suite of six animations, covering all procedures of stop and search. Each animation is led by a scripted voice over that was reviewed by a panel of over 20 officers, community representatives and senior officials, to ensure we were clear and correct in our messaging. Each animation was illustrated by hand to form a consistent style and identity for the suite of animations that didn't feel childish nor similar to a powerpoint presentation. 
"We hope our collaboration with Bedfordshire Police will help to raise awareness and support for this pioneering project through the power of this animation and message."