Preston's College College promotional film

The Challenge

College promotional film. The ethos of Preston’s College is about more than just the campus, facilities and teaching. Those elements are a strong and vital foundation, but it’s the transformative and supportive community that drives students to success in their next steps. The college has a strong focus on unlocking ambition through the yin & yang of persistence and ability.

The film promotes the College as a supportive community which unlocks and channels focus, ambition on and determination through mentorship.

It’s an institution that believes in people and nurtures students; aiding them in realising their potential.

The Solution

Clearhead developed a purpose driven campaign concept for this film. “Success Within” is about the ambition, determined and can-do attitude that lies within all students of Preston’s College. This inherent potential is something we believe can be unlocked in everyone through their time at the college.

The film is driven by stories and experiences of students. The moments within their  time at the college that have shaped the people they are and helped to reveal the potential within and boosted their confidence in what lies ahead. These are the moments which set them up for life.

Visually, we encapsulated this idea in portrait shots with each of the student. Contained within their silhouette will be sequences of the moments that shaped who they have become. Our initial reveal shows them in full silhouette for the first time, the montage of moments contained within their form vanishing and we realise that they are where they have always wanted to be; in employment or in further education.

It’s a place Preston’s always believed they could get.

We believe. You believe. It’s the success within.

Created with Chemistry, crafted with passion.

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