RAF Sport Recruitment TV advert.

The Challenge.

Sport, adventure and physical activity is a crucial component in developing RAF personnel into a world-leading fighting force but for participants to excel and reach their potential, they must participate in an environment focused on the athletes themselves. Our challenge was to tell that story to the audience and the purpose sport serves in the RAF.

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The Solution.

Clearhead produced the creative and execution of the brand new RAF Sport TV advert. In the air, on water, on the ground, and down in the dirt. Our team immersed themselves in the 49 sports of the RAF. Over two months to capture the highs and lows of the commitment athletes take in their training and how they balance their commitment to sport with their day-to-day job in the RAF.
Sport can be an isolating pursuit. With many athletes specialising in solo sports it was critical that we communicated RAF Sport as a collaborative, supportive team as a whole, that never leaves an athlete on their own. We wanted to create a story that whilst covering the overall purpose of RAF Sport, spoke from the personal perspective of its athletes.
Finished with a powerful soundtrack, sound design, and voice-over. We added to the imagery and immersed the audience into a visceral experience of RAF Sport. You can find out more about RAF Sport by watching the animation we made here.
“As an agency we were honoured to be selected to produce this campaign film for the Royal Air Force. As a small crew we immersed ourselves alongside the athletes and personnel we followed.”
“Originally the video was to support the Sports Federation, but we quickly identified that it would have far greater value as part of a drive to increase awareness of the huge value of RAF Sport in the delivery of operational capability. The opportunity to work with the Federation and to produce this great film with Clearhead was exceptional – we are delighted with it.”