South Central Institute of Technology FE College TV Campaign

The Challenge.

The South Central Institute of Technology faced the challenge of inspiring and mobilising the young talents of Milton Keynes. In a world undergoing a technological revolution, the institute needed to communicate a powerful message encouraging the youth to leverage technology for positive change, fostering curiosity, creativity, and courage in the face of significant challenges.
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The Solution.

Tech Revolution is a campaign built on empowering message. To use the power of technology for good. To enable you to play your part in making the world a better place. To be curious, creative, and courageous to face our biggest challenges, bring us together and give us hope.

Our belief is that young people in Milton Keynes are talented, passionate, and powerful. With this campaign, we are telling them that we need them to change how they respond to their future. To come together and make a difference.
Produced during the pandemic and shot safely over three days. The production was completed by a small crew of three. Shot across several interior locations that were art-directed and lit to bring commercial quality to this campaign. Still, imagery was taken in parallel to establish campaign visuals for print media. Into post-production, we crafted a score and sound design to compliment the visuals and enrich the narrative arc of the story.

The film has been well received internally by staff and students alike with fantastic feedback. Our aim is for the film to connect with the principal audience and engage them with the ethos and mandate of the college.
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Clearhead were brilliant to work with, they took the time to understand our goals and find a creative solution. The team were a pleasure to work with during the challenges we faced with various lockdowns – they stayed positive and made sure we followed all of the latest guidance throughout.