SPL Powerlines Internal communication campaign

The Challenge.

In the landscape of internal communication films, our challenge was to redefine the onboarding experience for SPL Powerlines staff. The goal was not just to convey information but to craft a narrative that resonates with every team member. At Clearhead, we saw this as an opportunity to go beyond standard onboarding and create a suite of films that embodies our collective ethos.

Our approach blends cinematic finesse, storytelling, and the unique touch of our Creative Chemistry™ framework. These films are not just informative; they are immersive experiences designed to inspire and connect. Join us as we unravel the challenge of transforming onboarding into a captivating journey and explore the creation of a suite of internal communication films that define our organisational culture.
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The Solution.

In the realm of rail safety, the challenges are as formidable as the industry itself. Our challenge was to address the often-overlooked facet of complacency, a silent but potent threat lurking within the daily routines of railway workers. With Mark's story as the focal point, we aimed to confront the complacency that had become an unintended companion in the routine tasks of the railway sector. The challenge was not merely to narrate an incident but to immerse the audience in the emotional and psychological landscape that precedes a workplace mishap. To overcome this challenge, we harnessed the power of storytelling as a catalyst for change. Our solution was the creation of an onboarding hero film, an immersive journey into Mark's experience, and a health and safety film titled "Mark's Story." Through a carefully crafted blend of cinematic visuals, evocative music, and Mark's own narrative, we wove a compelling tapestry that transcended the conventional boundaries of safety awareness. The use of cinematic footage, coupled with interviews and glimpses into Mark's everyday life, served as a strategic choice. This approach was not just about recounting an incident; it was about forging a connection between the audience and the profound lessons embedded in Mark's journey. The incorporation of tension-inducing sound design was a deliberate choice, adding a visceral layer to the narrative, ensuring that the message would resonate on both intellectual and emotional levels.
In aligning with our Creative Chemistry™ framework, we not only highlighted the importance of safety protocols but also sparked a crucial conversation around the human element in safety practices. By strategically leveraging the emotive storytelling style, we aimed not just for awareness but for a transformation in mindset—a commitment to vigilance and adherence to procedures.

Through the lens of Mark's story, we didn't just address a challenge; we crafted a solution that goes beyond conventional safety campaigns. The result is a documentary that not only captivates but compels, leaving an indelible mark on the audience and fostering a culture of unwavering commitment to safety in high-risk work environments.
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"Collaborating with SPL on these transformative films has been more than a creative journey; it's been a profound exploration of the intersection between storytelling and impact. Together, we've not only crafted compelling narratives but also ignited conversations that transcend the screen—marking a significant step toward a safer, more conscientious workplace culture."