Tangle Teezer National Business Awards

The challenge

Tangle Teezer needed to create a film for their entry to the National Business Award for innovation. The idea was to create an informative yet quirky film that highlighted the Tangle Teezer brand and personality, and the challenge was getting this to work within the defined and specific restrictions set out by the Business Awards programme.

Focused services


Art direction
Collaborative conceptualisation


Brand identity
3 minute 25 second edit for the Business Awards entry

The process

We worked closely with Tangle Teezer to create a fact filled film that allows viewers to feel inspired by the innovation of the product. We needed to ensure that the Business Awards specifications were met without losing the wit of the brand, so we looked to the staff to add personality with playful B roll shots, and included fun whip pans from different scenarios to add a fast paced edge to the film.

The solution

We created a film that took on the National Business Awards specifications and incorporated the quirky nature of the Tangle Teezer brand. The films highlights the key elements of the business, looking at distribution, marketing, finance and product development, which are the main drivers for innovation within the brand.

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