Testbeds Branding and design

The Challenge

Clearhead were commissioned to establish the branding and design for Testbeds. Testbeds is the University of Bedfordshire's exciting new arts incubator for artists and creative practitioners. The University was awarded funding from Arts Council England to support artists and cultural organisations to develop the skills to thrive economically, creatively and socially within Luton.

Our challenge was to create a strong and vibrant brand for the programme that would also positively reflect the University and Luton as a whole. The branding needed to be modern and innovative whilst maintaining accessibility for a diverse audience, and engaging and appealing to those with creative arts knowledge. The project brief called for a standalone logo, as well as sub-brand logos for each area of the programme, a website, e-newsletter, and a range of printed promotional materials.



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Brand Guidelines

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The Process

Our main consideration for the branding and design was that it needed to be incredibly versatile to work in a multitude of scenarios alongside a variety of tag-lines, so we explored the idea of a logo mark that could adapt and change, so each area of the programme could be uniquely represented within a brand that is still consistently applied.

We experimented with science-related visuals as these seemed to relate well to the brand's key words (words like ignite, accelerate and impact), and decided that a circuit board effectively conveys the idea of connectivity and action.

The Solution

We have created a visual identity that is appealing and contemporary, but also very reflective of the programme's roots at the University of Bedfordshire. The logo mark is inspired by the leaf shape used in the University's logo, and the branding and design was created with the University's brand values around access, partnership and innovation firmly in mind.

There are four sub-brands under the testbeds umbrella, and each one of these has its own colour-way. In addition, the logo mark has been designed in a way that allows it to be subtly changed to give each of the sub-brands its own unique identity. The testbeds colour palette draws influence from the secondary colour palette in the University's brand guidelines, but is solely focused around colours from the cooler half of the colour wheel. We also developed the logo mark into a full pattern to expand the brand's visual language even further - this can be used in its entirety as a background texture, or specific elements can be isolated to help illustrate or break up sections of text.

We have designed a range of promotional materials for testbeds, including posters, flyers and a website which incorporates application forms for the programme and blogs for each of the participating artists.

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