THSP Unlocking Safety, Empowering Success.

The Challenge.

THSP entrusted Clearhead with the task of creating a compelling brand film to showcase the MyTHSP platform, a robust online portal designed to empower businesses in managing health and safety, HR matters, and environmental responsibilities.
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The Solution.

Our Creative Chemistry™ journey with THSP immersed us in the world of businesses navigating health and safety challenges. Engaging with THSP's team and customers, we uncovered unique needs and pain points, forming the bedrock of our storytelling.

Crafting a narrative of empowerment, we positioned MyTHSP as more than a platform, but a reliable ally in the challenging landscape of health, safety, and HR management. The storyline seamlessly blended technical features with THSP's human-centric approach.

The brand film artfully unveiled MyTHSP's features, emphasising interactive tools, document accessibility, and live action plans. It showcased the platform as a testament to THSP's dedication, developed in-house and actively used by their staff.
Results showed the film successfully communicated MyTHSP's capabilities to a diverse audience, becoming a powerful tool in THSP's arsenal. It attracted new users and reinforced trust among existing clients, elevating workplace culture.

In the grand tapestry of THSP's three-decade journey, MyTHSP stands as a testament to putting people first. It introduced a powerful platform, showcasing THSP's hands-on approach to employment law, HR matters, and on-site health and safety practices. A culmination of 30 years of expertise, MyTHSP ensures everyone gets home safely and workplaces thrive with a culture of care, setting a new standard in health, safety, and HR management.
"MyTHSP and Clearhead have not just created a platform but a game-changer empowering businesses with safety, efficiency, and a workplace culture that truly cares."