Travis Perkins Brand ordering tracking app campaign.

The Challenge.

Travis Perkins, a leader in building supplies, faced the challenge of enhancing customer experience and overcoming the common frustration associated with delivery uncertainties. The goal was to promote their delivery tracking app, offering customers the power to choose delivery times from their local branch while providing real-time updates.
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The Solution.

Clearhead kicked off the project with our signature Creative Chemistry™ workshop. We delved deep into Travis Perkins' brand essence, understanding not just what they do, but why it matters. By intertwining their story with that of their audience, we aimed to create a connection that transcended a mere transaction.

Armed with insights from the workshop, we crafted a narrative arc that mirrored the challenges and triumphs of Travis Perkins' audience. The story unfolded in a way that viewers could see themselves in the protagonist's journey, creating an emotional bond with the brand. This strategic approach ensured that the campaign wasn't just a promotional video but a relatable story that resonated.

In the 90-second and 30-second films, our team harnessed the art of visual storytelling. Every frame was carefully curated to evoke emotions and convey the app's benefits seamlessly. From the initial dilemma to the resolution, the narrative journey captivated the audience, making the delivery tracking app not just a solution but a transformative experience.
The 90-second film, hosted on YouTube, garnered an impressive 370,000 views. However, the success extended beyond mere numbers. The engagement and positive feedback reflected a genuine connection with the audience. Customers not only embraced the app but became advocates of the Travis Perkins brand.

Clearhead's approach went beyond conventional marketing. By infusing the campaign with the essence of Travis Perkins' story, we didn't just communicate features; we conveyed the brand's commitment to understanding and alleviating the challenges faced by its customers. The success of the campaign showcases the effectiveness of our Creative Chemistry™ framework in creating meaningful connections that drive both engagement and business results.
"Through the lens of Creative Chemistry™, we transformed a campaign into a shared narrative, making the Travis Perkins' delivery app not just a solution but an integral part of our audience's story. It's not about delivering packages; it's about delivering an experience aligned with the journey of our customers."