United College Group Student recruitment campaign.

The Challenge.

The United Colleges Group is formed of the City of Westminster College, and the College of North West London. Clearhead has had a long-standing relationship spanning over 10 years with the City of Westminster College. When they formed within the group and wanted to produce a new recruitment campaign for both of the colleges as well as the group, they approach us to explore an approach that could be taken. They wanted to steer away from a facilities focussed film, of which they already had. They wanted to create films with purpose. This is when we held our Creative Chemistry™ workshop with them. Exploring the power of storytelling, and understanding the behaviours, emotions, and moments that influence their audience's mindset, all with the motivation to develop films that would connect, engage and inspire their audience.
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The Solution.

"Change is gonna come" is a campaign with an aim to unite, connect our campuses and our people under one united message. “Change is gonna come”. Change is a journey and few journeys go according to plan. But to make change happen you need to own that moment it presents itself! Know how to recognise it and understand how to take control of it. To change is the process of becoming something different. Being different is what we embrace at UCG. Being different is what we champion. Being different is what we celebrate.
Our aim is to inspire change. Give the audience the motivation they need. Give them the confidence they have been lacking. Give them the opportunity they couldn’t see before. “Change is gonna come” is our message of hope. A message that aligns with the groups purpose and values. It’s why they open our doors, why they turn up to teach. We believe in you, we want you to believe in us! 
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"The opportunity was to create films that feel individually authentic and appropriate for prospective students, but when grouped together also express a concise brand message that reaches further than their locations. Films about positve change, hope and opportunity!"