University of Bedfordshire 360 Video Walkthrough

The Challenge

The University of Bedfordshire wanted to give prospective students a look at life at their campuses in Bedford and Luton, in a way like they could never do before, without visiting those campuses in person, with the added benefit of seeing them in action, unlike what they may see if they were to visit on an open day.

The opportunity was there to portray a taste of what it would actually be like to be a student at the university and experience the actions and movements of existing students and staff using the cutting-edge facilities that the University has to offer.

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The Solution

The solution was obvious! VR could immerse the prospective students and parents in a way like no other, without tiring walks through the vast facilities and with the potential to not even leave their homes. It would also be possible for those without VR equipment or who have motion sensitivities to view the 360-degree footage on their mobile device or computer. We utilised industry leading 360-degree cameras to capture coordinated journeys through the spaces of each campus.

A specialised rig was used to make the movement buttery smooth for the viewers’ comfort. Students and Faculty were choreographed to move and utilise the spaces in a typical way as if the cameras were not there. The footage was all brought together, using graphics to label and provide relevant information balanced for both VR and google maps style viewing. The experience available across all devices.

"Our students absolutely love this, especially on our open days!"