University of Bedfordshire University recruitment films

The Challenge

Clearhead are the Higher Education marketing agency specialising in university recruitment films. With the University of Bedfordshire we produce award winning hero content to aid student recruitment.

The University of Bedfordshire is unafraid of labels and unapologetic about being open to all. Standout within Higher Education marketing. There’s an empowering philosophy at the heart of the University. They take people from all backgrounds and enable their ambition and drive. The University inspires students throughout their journey, shaping and moulding them until they finally graduate as professionals, employable and empowered.

The challenge was to encapsulate this idea and promote the University of Bedfordshire as a bold lifestyle choice. We needed to convey that this is a place for the dedicated and the driven, the place you can go to become who you want to be.

We focused on creating a series of three case studies to form Hub content for the University during the lead up to clearing.

The Solution

Un/Afraid is a series of films with a bold statement. It tells the stories of three University of Bedfordshire students from vastly different backgrounds. We see them successful in their careers, and then intercut the story of their journeys. They have become the professionals they hoped to be because of their hard work, and the support from the University of Bedfordshire. It’s a story of undaunted success, changing your life and achieving ambition. Shot across three single days in Bedfordshire, we followed each student throughout their day compiling an authentic insight into the lives.

Created with Chemistry, crafted with passion.

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