University of Hull

The challenge

Net Natives came to us requiring content production for one of their most cherished clients, University of Hull.

Hull was named as UK City of Culture 2017, and the University played a central part at this fantastic time. This film needed to redefine higher education marketing, and be unlike anything the university had ever produced before. We wanted to be really brave and unapologetic with the idea. Hull was never going to be 'pretty', but students didn't want to go to Hull for pretty. They went there for a fantastic education and to learn more about themselves, which is what we wanted to showcase. 


Focused services


Production company support
Collaborative conceptualisation
Storyboard developments
Location scouting
Recce days
Student casting
Actor casting
Specialist skill scouting
Visual identity elaboration
Art direction


Hero content
Mix-use films)
Social media edits
Brand re-direction

The process

After Charlie Penrose from Net Natives commissioned us, we got straight to work on what Hull were looking for. We wanted to meet with the University to discuss pushing them out of their comfort zone (something that prospective students have to do all the time, from making the initial decision to go to uni, to deciding which one and so on.) This is always difficult, so we started with the word 'unapologetic'. This word describes what Hull is now - it doesn't need to apologise for what it was, and we wanted this to be the central theme running through the film. We also wanted to use real students to get a sense of exactly how they felt, and we wanted to incorporate some of Hull's imperious sites. Finally, it was important to add some poetry in, as Philip Larkin was such an important figure at the University and we wanted to give that a subtle nod. Three intense filming days later, and we had shot everything we wanted (through rain and shine!)

The solution

We managed to find a track that is the antithesis of what music in educational marketing usually sounds like. This was brash and in your face, and it helped us to time the final edit.


The response

The film was launched at the end of June, and received 80,000 views over a five month period (July - November). 

Some social media sites like Facebook count a view if someone watches for just three seconds, but the average view time for the film was 56 seconds, which shows that it engaged and held attention really well.


Up next

The University of Northampton have achieved a lot since they first started as a higher education institution back in 1999. They have created some fantastic campaigns that have really led the market in branding, design and film. We were honoured then when we managed to win a very competitive pitch and be commissioned to produce a campaign promo that would be distributed online, cinema and video-on-demand.