University of Leeds University video marketing

The Challenge.

Clearhead we asked to create six films for the University of Leeds Business School within a six-week timeframe. Our winning creative concept for this campaign was to use case studies provided by the university to create engaging student stories. Sharing relatable experiences is an authentic storytelling approach that evokes positive engagement and reactions that lead to increased recruitment conversions.

Authenticity is about being real and genuine rather than formal, forced, or controlled. The best way to ensure that authenticity is conveyed is by hearing a real story from a real person; from the horse's mouth, so to speak.

We suggested a creative approach to the interviews in order to achieve this. The audience needed to feel as if they were sitting across the table from the storyteller, looking directly at them and listening without distraction.

We placed the camera directly in front of each storyteller, with them sitting in a relaxed position. They told their stories to the camera, looking straight at the lens to engage directly with the audience. Each interview has plenty of space, lingering at times to witness breaths and their moments of thinking.

This unique interview approach gives a truly emotive, authentic feeling to the films.

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The Solution.

We wanted the films to be a catalyst - igniting a spark of excitement and inspiration about the potential of studying at Leeds. We needed to ensure that we created an emotive narrative whilst also ensuring that each film felt authentic and un-staged. Our example below tells Alice's story, a proactive Human Resource Management student who pushed for mentoring and work experience during her time at the University which helped her employability and secured her a graduate scheme placement with Morrisons.

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Hub Content.

This film is a great example of Hub content. This type of content is aimed at audiences who already know about you - perhaps because they’ve seen your hero content, or they live locally, or they’ve subscribed to your updates. They actively want to receive engaging content from you on a regular basis, as long as it’s relevant to their stage in the customer journey.

Hub content normally goes deeper under the surface than hero content. It might be the second video prospective students watch as they search your courses or video links you send to your email database.

It’s push content, which deepens your relationship with prospective students and maintains their interest and engagement over time. Hub content helps you keep prospective students warm and convert to enrolments.

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