University of Leeds Democratic Replay

The challenge

We live in a climate where we are bombarded with political messaging and information from all directions and sources. It’s rarely possible to have the time or resource to properly digest and analyse what we are seeing.

Democratic Reply is an innovative tool which helps to increase and enable the understanding and interpretation of political messages. The ability to pause, search, analyse and contextualise the political debate offers a real opportunity to slow down the fast-paced political discourse and better understand what’s actually being said.

Clearhead's challenge was to communicate these key ideas in an engaging way; showing how Democratic Replay lets you slow down the fast-paced world and easily gain access to clear and relevant information about what is being said.

The process

The film has a simple idea at its core: with Democratic Replay in our hands, we can all become detectors for political discussion. It follows the story of an every-couple, we’ll call them ‘Dan and Jodie’, as they struggle to keep up with the confusing political messages and keep track of the facts in the world today. They are bombarded with a series of metaphors; a sign saying ‘jargon’ literally hitting them in the head, light projections of statistics and facts projected all over their faces and surrounding.

In the lighthearted style of an updated 1940’s PSA, they are introduced to the idea behind Democratic Replay as the ideal solution to understanding political messaging. Composited graphics unfold around the TV representing the audience reactions, twitter stream, fact checking and the like. We leave the two of them far more engaged, informed and in control. They now have the power of The Detector.

Hub content

This film is a great example of Hub content. This type of content is aimed at audiences who already know about you - perhaps because they’ve seen your hero content, or they live locally, or they’ve subscribed to your updates. They actively want to receive engaging content from you on a regular basis, as long as it’s relevant to their stage in the customer journey.

Hub content is normally deeper under the surface than hero content. It might be the second video prospective students watch as they search your courses, or video links you send to your email database.

It’s push content that deepens your relationship with prospective students, and maintaining that interest and engagement over time. Hub content helps you keep prospective students warm and convert to enrolments.

Up next

Since 1999, Dukes Education Group has delivered high-quality education and admissions guidance for students of all ages, helping them develop academic excellence and gain entrance to top independent schools and leading international universities.

We were asked to establish a suite of content to engage and communicate the values and pathways the group offers to prospective Dukes Education clients. The first film was a hero video created to communicate the core values and mission of the Dukes Education Group.