The University of Northampton University cinema advert

The Challenge

University cinema advert. The University of Northampton have achieved a lot since they first started as a higher education institution back in 1999 and we were honoured when we managed to win a very competitive pitch and be commissioned to produce a campaign promo that would be distributed online within cinema and video-on-demand.

Our challenge was to produce a 30-second cinema advert that celebrates the ethos of Northampton University and connects with the target audience in an exciting and dynamic way. A film that stands out from existing educational marketing content with a strong, memorable visual identity that always adheres to the following key message of "Transforming lives, inspiring change”


- Visual identity elaboration

- Treatment development

- Location scouting

- Art direction

- Body rig technique

- Prop acquirement

- Working with student talent

- Motion graphics concepts

- Motion graphics realisation

- 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound from a licensed Dolby sound studio


- Exporting 2k Tiff sequence

- Working with DCM for cinema

- Working with BBFC for cinema

- Working with Clearcast for TV and VOD

The Process

This concept draws inspiration from Northampton’s heritage (The Cobblers) and focuses on the journey and footsteps taken by a mix of University of Northampton alumni and the typical aspirational scenarios they would experience in their time at the Uni.

The difference with this creative is that all scenes are focused solely on the “footsteps” taken in these scenarios and we see each scene from a low angle providing a sense of achievement. The final scenes showcasing their respective final destinations and a goal to aim towards for our audience.

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