University of Suffolk Clearing campaign.

The Challenge.

The challenge was to reimagine Clearing, typically seen as a bureaucratic step, into a pivotal moment for transformation. Our aim was to shift perceptions, portraying Clearing as an opportunity for prospective students to reshape their academic journey at the University of Suffolk. Overcoming the conventional stigma attached to Clearing required crafting a narrative that not only addressed uncertainties but also spotlighted the unique advantages and personalised experiences awaiting those who embraced this academic pathway.
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The Solution.

To revolutionise the perception of Clearing, we introduced the "Reframe Your Future" campaign, inviting students to perceive this pivotal moment from a new and empowering perspective. In a series of captivating online and TV spots, we painted Clearing as more than a bureaucratic process—it was an opportunity for personal and academic transformation.

Our narrative unfolded as a journey of self-discovery, emphasising that Clearing wasn't just about addressing uncertainties but an open door to unique advantages and tailored experiences at the University of Suffolk. The campaign showcased success stories of students who, through Clearing, found their ideal academic fit and went on to excel in their chosen paths.

The visuals were carefully curated to capture the essence of transformation—moments of realisation, confident decision-making, and the excitement of embarking on a new academic chapter. By presenting Clearing as a pathway to personal growth and achievement, we aimed to inspire potential students to embrace this opportunity with enthusiasm.
"In shaping the 'Reframe Your Future' Clearing Campaign, we turned a seemingly ordinary process into a powerful tool for crafting educational destiny. Each frame told a story of empowerment, showcasing Clearing as a transformative journey—a testament to the incredible possibilities within the academic path."