University of Suffolk Destination campaign.

The Challenge.

The primary challenge lied in dispelling the prevailing "Sleepy Suffolk" reputation and reshaping it into an enticing, vibrant, and dynamic destination for prospective students aged 16-18 considering the University of Suffolk. The task at hand was to overcome the stereotype associated with Suffolk, presenting it as a lively and inclusive place that fosters growth, community, and unforgettable experiences.
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The Solution.

In addressing the challenge of reshaping the perception of "Sleepy Suffolk," our approach involved the creation of a compelling narrative that immersed the audience in the heart of Suffolk. Through visually impactful films, we took viewers on a 90-second hero journey, supplemented by shorter social films. This narrative acted as a virtual tour, showcasing diverse landscapes, hidden gems, and iconic landmarks that Suffolk offered.

The narrative was not just about physical locations; it focused on connecting these spaces with the people, culture, and activities that defined Suffolk's unique character. The emphasis on the sense of place and community aimed to instill a feeling of familiarity and belonging among potential students.

The narrative unfolded organically, featuring moments of community engagement, socializing, and relationship-building. It brought to life Suffolk's unique offerings, allowing prospective students to envision a life rich in diversity and opportunities. Exploration of the county's beauty and history was woven into the storyline, evoking a sense of awe and pride.
Active living and relaxation were seamlessly integrated into the narrative, portraying Suffolk as a place where students could thrive academically and personally. The breakdown of proposed scenario locations guided the crafting of each chapter, conveying feelings of familiarity, safety, comfort, and opportunity.

Drawing inspiration from the award-winning film "Think Beyond," the visuals were edited in quick succession to create a dynamic and exciting portrayal of Suffolk as a place worth waking up to. This narrative not only challenged the "Sleepy Suffolk" stereotype but also aligned seamlessly with the existing "Never Stand Still" campaign, reinforcing the University of Suffolk as the ideal home for future students.
"Directing 'Wake up to Suffolk' was a months-long adventure, weaving the county's spirit into every frame. Overcoming challenges, we crafted a visual symphony, urging our audience to awaken to Suffolk's endless possibilities."