University of Leeds University security animation

The Challenge

Clearhead partner with the University of Leeds to produce a university security animation. The rapidly changing norm in our every day lives has lead to a dramatic increase in learning and working remotely. With this separation comes a need for remote access, and with that remote access comes risk. University of Leeds have adopted a two factor authentication system called ‘Duo’, a way of making sure unauthorised people can’t access the university system, even if usernames and passwords have been compromised. Our challenge was to explain why this extra level of security is so important and encourage new students to sign up when prompted.



Creative development


Bespoke character Illustration

2D animation


Voice over recording

Music composition and Sound design

The Solution

With such an important and timely message, Clearhead wanted to identify an approach that embodied the subject at a creative level - a visual journey motivated by the idea of an unknown threat. During our development process, we identified the work of Noma Bar as a foundation for our proposal.

Bar’s illustration & Animation style is built around the use of layers and shapes to obscure the image until you are supposed to see it. The idea of the real image (or in this case, threat) hiding behind layers of obscurity was fascinating to us, and we were thrilled when the University of Leeds team selected our approach to deliver this important message.

We are around that the entire project was delivered by our in-house team. A delicate use of sound design combined with a friendly, youthful VO helped ensure this very serious message still felt approachable and friendly to new students starting with the university.

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