War Wings Mobile game commercial

The Challenge

Clearhead were tasked with creating a tv commercial, hero content to support the social marketing campaign for the mobile game War Wings. Wings of War is a World War I combat flight simulator developed by Czech studio Silver Wish Games and published by Gathering of Developers for Microsoft Windows and Xbox. Bringing a mobile game to life and reaching to engage with an international gaming audience. WAR WINGS Unleash your inner maverick, becoming a pilot and conquering the skies! Communicating the context of the game, key features whilst entertaining and attracting a new audience to download the game and enjoy it.

The Solution

Working with the influencer marketing agency Socially Powerful, we developed a creative concept which included storyboards to effectively communicate the dual narrative. We then took the creative into production with a two day shoot - one day for each character's story.

Alongside our film production team, we worked with art directors, wardrobe designers, and hair and makeup artists to bring the narrative to life. We collaboratively shot each scene using the storyboard and shot list to ensure we captured everything we needed, and were able to prioritise directing the actors for maximum timing and effect.

In post production we composed a bespoke music track inspired by the Dam-buster's music theme. Composing the music from scratch gave us the opportunity to reinforce key emotive moments of the edit for dramatic and comedic effect. Overall the film connected with the audience and resulted in fantastic engagement with the targeted audience, impressive KPI metrics and ROI on the investment of production and promotion.

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