Wenta TV Advert

The Challenge

Wenta were awarded a free of charge TV Advert, campaign package worth £10,000 from Sky Media as part of the AdSmart SME support scheme, the SME100. The £1 million fund was launched to provide 100 businesses in the UK with TV advertising campaigns via AdSmart to support them during the difficult times of COVID-19. Wenta was selected in Sky Media's top 100 shortlist and have now produced their first TV advert campaign launching on the week commencing 13th July 2020 across Sky channels.

Wenta reached out to Clearhead as long standing partners to quickly create and produce a creative campaign to take advantage of the AdSmart support scheme and reach their audience of small business needing support. During COVID-19, a challenging time for small business and the economy. It was important to be able to reach and engage with Wenta's audience to be able to quickly connect and communicate the existing support available.

We Delivered

02 Production Studios

- Shot list creation.

- Production Management and communication.

- Art Direction and prop creation.

- Studio and equipment logistics

- Call sheet creation.

- Two day film shoot.

- Campaign photography.

- In-House offline post production and client reviews.

- In-House online Davinci Resolve colour grade.

- Clearcast Approval process and submission to VOD channels.


The Solution

When Wenta reached out to us about producing this TV advert, they had two weeks to turn idea to TV. With restricted option during the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to think creatively for a solution. We didn't want to compromise with creative ambition for this project so we got to work.

Our first step was to develop a script. Built from the core key messages and objectives of the campaign, we settled on the message "small things grow with support and encouragement". We then set about exploring how we could visually communicate this message. We wanted to enter a small world, a visually intriguing space that highlights the key messages through use of art direction and object signifiers. A coffee cup, a calculator, the inside of a computer. The journey connecting us from the small business owner to the business advisor from Wenta.

Shot across two day's, we filmed the advert at the home of our Chief Creative Officer Alex, whom also doubled for the small business as we were restricted with casting actors into the role. We used a "24mm probe lens" to film the macro detail shots of the table top which gave a fantastic and interesting perspective. We cast and remotely recorded our voice over and after editing and colour grading the final edit, prepared the content for TV distribution working with Clearcast and Sky Adsmart.

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