Yays Hotel tourism film.

The Challenge.

Yays hotel tourism film. The best way to get to know a city is not to visit it, but to live it. With Yays, you’re staying in boutique apartments in the most characteristic neighbourhoods, surrounded by shops and restaurants you won’t find in any of the tourist guides.

Clearhead imagined the campaign concept #unlocktheneighbourhood. Connecting the experience of a Yays stay by profiling local businesses that provide the local experience for the guests. The addition to your stay forms long-lasting memories.

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The Solution.

Yays offers an opportunity as a tourist to immerse yourself in the local community and have a “full service” experience holiday. Staying in the accommodation you won’t find in any tourist guides. You get the real deal.

The Yays offering is a rich, genuine, textual, beautifully crafted accommodation option that gives a full 360 experience for the guest. Yays had the opportunity to create a brand film that encapsulates its USP and showcases it to the masses.

The creative followed our demographic protagonists on their experiences of the neighbourhood. A young couple, a family, and a local. Edited with a fun, upbeat tone our aim was to convey the excitement of opportunities and things to do and see in the neighbourhood, friendly and helpful locals as well as the comfort of a home from home Yays boutique apartment.

"The Creative Chemistry workshop with the team helped us define the tone, personality, and energy that we wanted to convey in our marketing content."

An integrate approach.

Rather than relying on a hero concept and re-purposing it across different channels, our bespoke channel approach meant every media platform had its own dedicated creative execution, helping to amplify the message.

Traveling across Amsterdam, we captured several case studies from within the community. Meeting the people and capturing the essence of the places you will not find in tourism books. The people make the place and when telling a story to an audience looking to visit a city it is great to be able to let the natives tell it.

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