In an increasingly interconnected world, international marketing and advertising have become essential components for businesses seeking global success. As companies expand their reach beyond borders, understanding and adapting to international trends is crucial to effectively engage diverse audiences. In this blog, we will explore some of the key trends shaping the landscape of international marketing and advertising, providing insights and strategies for your creative agency, Clearhead, to thrive in the global marketplace. read more

As part of our 15th-anniversary celebrations, our team is sharing insights into their areas of expertise. We will be covering everything from the creative process and managing a post-production team, to getting the most from recruitment campaigns and how animations are brought together. We will be adding Masterclasses to this page every month, so don’t forget to check in with us on a regular basis.

First up we have a MasterClass ‘Recruiting in 2022‘ from Johannah Flaherty, our Business Support & Accounts Manager, which focuses on how employers can stand out and convey their employer brand in a challenging recruitment market. read more

Everyone is saying it but the world really has changed forever. The acceleration that has happened through COVID, meaning 5-10 year advancements have happened within a year. On the whole for the better. It has also changed the future of flexible working in an agency environment forever as well. I have to admit that even as the owner of a content agency for almost 15 years, our comfort zone has been pushed to the extreme.

All the cool and innovative elements that it stereotypically brings (digital environment, using video calls, unlimited holiday, team days, using new technology first and putting a work/life balance above all else) we actively encouraged. However when it came to flexible working it was very much a no-go. Working from home with a small/mid-size team just didn’t feel right, especially when most employees live within 30-40 minutes from the office (and we start at 10). However we were more setup than we thought to deal with moving to WFH quickly. read more

I3 Simulations launch film – the future of healthcare 

There has never been a more exciting time to be involved in the healthcare sector; the landscape is constantly evolving; new ways of teaching and learning are being demanded and the opportunities to develop immersive and innovative training are vast.

Until the beginning of this century, knowledge transfer in healthcare was limited to textbooks but now we can intelligently transfer the first-hand accounts of medical experts, making knowledge more accessible for the next generation of learners.

When i3 Simulations approached Clearhead to develop the concept and content for the launch of their new brand we knew we needed a campaign that would grab attention, build awareness, and highlight their status as leaders in their industry.  read more

Over the last twelve months, we’ve been investing more time into entering key awards that aim to celebrate the work going on within the creative sector, our client’s industries, and also individual businesses adapting and innovating during this difficult time and we’re delighted to have won three of these awards in just seven days.

How we have had to evolve over the past year makes us a better partner for our clients, having adapted to meet their changing priorities and keeping them at the heart of all developments throughout 2020.

How we have had to evolve over the past year makes us a better partner for our clients, having adapted to meet their changing priorities and keeping them at the heart of all developments throughout 2020.

Live events are here to stay. After having almost 18 months of live events, we have been asked recently about what happens during a live event! Good question. There are a number of different elements that make up a live stream that beams around the world. Live events are here to stay. According to Marketing Tech, ‘Virtual events were already growing in popularity pre-pandemic, with the sector valued at almost $78 billion in 2019. It is expected to have a compound annual growth rate of 23.2% from 2020 to 2027, strongly suggesting this is anything but a temporary phenomenon. read more

As with everyone else, our lives got flipped-turned-upside-down in 2020 and within a very short period of time marketing our business went virtual. There are however many challenges of virtual marketing in 2021.

After being able to see our wonderful clients in person, being able to pick up the phone to speak to someone, and generally having a very high amount of consistency, that all changed. We, like so many other businesses, had to change almost overnight to a more virtual and online world.

We had already started to plan ahead with a new way of generating leads, however, this accelerated the process. So we decided to ensure that we embrace the change and put a number of different features in place which a large number of our clients did also. read more

The emotive power of animation. At the start of the initial lockdown period in late March 2020, video production in the UK almost ground to a complete halt. People were naturally unsure and scared about what was going to happen and what it would mean for their businesses financially and found it hard to justify spending money on hiring video production agencies to create stories when there were so many risks at play. And although video production jobs were being canceled, the need to tell important stories and bring awareness to good causes was as high as ever. read more

5 Star Reviews for agencies mean a lot. Everywhere seems to be asking and showing reviews these days. When you have a look on the TV, you see Trust Pilot, Feefo amongst many others, check on the web and you see reviews on every site, Amazon, eBay, AirBnB. However, don’t underestimate the power of a 5-star review for an agency and the impact it has.

At Clearhead we take each and every 5-star review like it is Christmas Day. It means a number of different elements have gone right for us:

1. Trust and Accountability in a 5 star

When we say we will deliver it is because that is a promise that we never take for granted. That trust can be built over a number of years but can be broken in just 1 second, or one misplaced step or decision. At the center of our cultural pillars, is accountability, always has been and always will be. read more

Mental health and wellbeing animation. Mental health and wellbeing fortunately is a subject that has become increasingly more prevalent in recent years. We are fortunate to have increased awareness, improved resources, and challenged the stigma of it. Catalyzing the increase in confidence people now have in opening up and talking about their own mental health and accepting that we all have to care for our mental health as a priority.

When our client Aspire Higher told us they were aiming to produce a resource on mental health and wellbeing we jumped at the opportunity to support them. To work out the purpose of the resource and deconstruct that to strategize the most valuable approach to telling a story that would connect with and impact the audience as intended. read more

Milton Keynes College launched its new promotional film on YouTube featuring local voice artist, Manny, and regional acting talent, to its audiences and the wider community with strong messages about overcoming barriers, embracing courage and staying brave; sentiments that will resonate with many during these uncertain times.

The right mix of technology and creative approach can deliver an immersive virtual event for students anywhere in the world

Following the governments extensive advise, we wanted to try and create a simple COVID-19 guide to help keep everyone safe! You can use this to inform your own risk assessments or even download our full ‘Production Guidelines’ document on the link below!

To make sure that you can setup and launch your Virtual Open Day successfully, we have put together our Top Tips for engaging prospective students with your Virtual Open Day.

To make sure that you can setup and launch your Virtual Open Day successfully, we have put together our Top Tips for engaging prospective students with your Virtual Open Day.

Clearhead have put into place contingency plans to ensure that our service will not be affected.  All correspondence will be answered as normal and our priority is to ensure all client service levels are not affected by this current situation.

Clearhead have won two 2019 telly awards for our work in Higher Education for clients Durham University and the University of Bedfordshire.

We have teamed up with Sky so our clients can screen their films in targeted homes

We have teamed up with Sky to help our clients to get their films and footage into targeted households and in front of the exact people they want to target. We are now offering bespoke Sky AdSmart packages, enabling films to be screened to different Sky TV households watching the same programme.

Our digital team here at Clearhead met with Sky’s representatives last month and got the low down on the new platform and trained our team on how to plan and manage the ads.

We already have a number of clients interested in this new advertising platform which has a unique range of targeting criteria to ensure your films only appear to Sky users who match your precise demographic and audience types. The ads will also appear during regular breaks on all of the following channels: read more