Clearhead and Wenta Collaboration

A national TV advert running on Sky Media was produced in less than a week when Luton-based organisations Clearhead and Wenta rekindled their long-term business relationship to deliver important messages of support for small businesses.

Wenta is a not-for-profit social enterprise that provides free of charge business support to small businesses based in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Enfield. In July, they were awarded a free TV campaign by Sky Media as part of a £1 million fund supporting 100 businesses in the UK.

That’s when they approached video production company Clearhead who they had supported 12 years previously by providing them with business start-up advice and their first grant – a crucial stepping stone that enabled them to go on to gain the reputation of being one of the leading video production agencies in the East Midlands and secure digital contracts across the globe.

Alex Lawrence, CCO of Clearhead said: “When Wenta reached out to us about producing this TV advert the Covid-19 restrictions meant we had to think creatively about a solution whilst working to an incredibly tight deadline.

Having had the invaluable support of Wenta when we first started out as a business we were passionate about being able to give back and make the same difference to them and so this was a particularly rewarding project for us.”

“Our first step was to develop a script built from the campaign’s core messages and then explore how we could visually communicate these to create the journey connecting us from the small business owner to the business advisor at Wenta.

“With casting and location restrictions against us, we filmed the advert at our own premises and remotely recorded the voice over.”
Jennifer Condon, Head of DCM at Wenta, said: “As a not for profit, social enterprise, TV is not a channel we’ve been able to access for advertising in the past and so this was a great opportunity for us. From brief to completion, Clearhead were brilliant, fully responsive and understanding of our requirements, they adapted to suit our budget and produced a powerful TV advert in less than a week. It’s a challenging time for everyone right now and being able to spread the message that Wenta are here to provide free advice and guidance to over 30,000 households should they want or need it is incredible.

“Since the advert went live, we’ve been able to use the content in so many ways to get our messages out there and it’s been a truly uplifting project to be part of.”