Clearhead appoint Creative Director

An experienced film maker who has worked in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and created campaigns for global brands including eBay, Amazon, Mastercard and Harvey Nichols has been appointed Creative Director of Luton based agency Clearhead.

Kieran Simmonds-Sturge, whose career has included creating national and international creative campaigns for the likes of food, healthcare, fashion and airline brands, made the move from London to Luton this month attracted by Clearhead’s flurry of award wins, growing client base and talented team.

Kieran said: “As Clearhead’s Creative Director, I’m here to develop big ideas and craft more award-winning films. My job is to make audiences laugh, cry and buy, so our clients’ hit their KPIs. I knew of Clearhead’s reputation well before I joined and jumped at the chance to take on this new challenge. 

“I’m here to bring a fresh set of eyes. I’ll use my experience with 360 campaigns to build on our ability in film and video content. We’ll be focussing on a wider range of industries and clients. Our existing vision will be solidified and applied across our creative output. This means our approach is harmonious and each touchpoint is as consistent and persuasive as it can be.” 

Welcoming Kieran to Clearhead’s expanding team, Gav O’Brien, co-founder and CEO, said “We are celebrating our 15th birthday this year, have just one yet another national award and are now delighted to announce Kieran’s appointment. With our solid foundation of happy clients, we have unlimited potential for growth and look forward to Kieran playing a key role in our future success. This is an exciting appointment.”

Kieran added: “You don’t need to go to London to be or to commission the very best which is why I have made this move. With a team this good, it’s about finding the best idea in the room rather than coming up with the best idea in the room. The dynamic skillsets of each person, partnered with a can-do attitude, means stuff gets done quickly and with an extremely high level of quality. I want to be a part of this.”

This month, along with Kieran’s recruitment, Clearhead is celebrating another national accolade – a gold in the prestigious Hermes Creative Awards, administered and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP). 

Clearhead is also celebrating its 15th birthday this year, hosting a range of events and celebrations to mark this milestone.