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Who we are

Clearhead are moving image experts passionate about creative, working with you to create brave and strategic creative content solutions.

Understanding the context of change and communicating with the right people, our in-house production team and account managers work alongside our clients to produce insight-led film and digital animation content and prove the activation value.

Meet the team

We work in a collaborative atmosphere; we are open to new ideas, willing to stretch the boundaries and expand our experiences. Our team live and breathe our values and beliefs by existing at the tip of the spear, staying aware of current trends and technology but always retaining a solid grounding in emotive storytelling to deliver relevant, strategic solutions to our clients' challenges. 

We believe in authenticity, honesty, creativity, integrity and hard work. These beliefs are the foundation to our processes and creative approaches to the content we create, helping our clients engage with their audiences and achieve measurable results.

Gavin O’Brien Partner & Business Director
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Gavin O’Brien

“I’m a third generation Lutonian and am proud to have set up this company in my home town. We recruit locally where possible and nurture talented students and graduates who are looking for careers in the creative, digital and animation sector.”

Alex Lawrence Partner & Chief Creative Officer
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Alex Lawrence

“People often ask me how we keep coming up with fresh ideas and avoid duplicating our own work. Everything we do starts with what is unique about each client – their challenges, their ambitions and their current situation; so we take a completely bespoke approach. Add to that inspiration from other sectors and other countries, and our desire to constantly introduce new approaches and technology in the production stage. That’s how we’re able to always push beyond what we – or anyone else – has done before.”

Nadia Watts Head of Communications
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Nadia Watts

“I love being in the office, working with and supporting the team. My role is to keep everything and everyone running smoothly and I’ve been doing that since I became the first full-time member of staff nearly 10 years ago. I’m a mum now but even during my maternity leave I couldn’t resist popping in to see the team. Clearhead is as much a family as a place to work.”

Sarah Plater Education New Business Strategist

Sarah Plater

“I used to be a Clearhead client. I was the marketing manager at an FE college and saw a film Clearhead had created for another college. I was impressed with the impact it had on student recruitment and had to commission one myself. I loved Clearhead’s ethos and values so much I jumped at the opportunity to join their team.”

Craig Spenceley Head of Creative Production

Craig Spenceley

Craig is the King of the camera. A creative, director and experienced producer Craig is the legend behind the camera. He knows how to frame a shot and create content that is going to engage your audience and blow your business objectives out of the water. He also bakes a mean loaf!

Sam Debock Head of Post Production

Sam Debock

“At Clearhead we are all involved, we all care and we all have a say. The teamwork and camaraderie is incredible and this unique feeling of being part of a family means that while I work incredibly hard and deadlines are tight there is nowhere else I’d rather be.”

Elliot Tomkins Producer & Content Creative

Elliot Tomkins

“I translate the creative treatments from the pre-production stage into visual reality. I produce and edit, so I am involved in a project throughout the production stage. I love the variety that comes from working with clients in different sectors: education, commercial, technology – I’ve worked with them all!”

Greta Zabulyte Content Creative

Greta Zabulyte

“I am passionate about using the medium of film to deliver clear messages with a seamless flow. For me, editing is constant problem solving – it’s a search for harmony and compromises, tension and release. Alongside editing, I am also experienced in sound design and music composition, which is reflected in all of our films.”

Sophie Carpenter Graphic Designer

Sophie Carpenter

“I love the challenge of working for Clearhead – the variety of projects, the team work and collaboration. Joining Clearhead was the perfect opportunity and enables me to use my skills while also learning and developing.”

Megan Hoang Internal Development Co-Ordinator

Megan Hoang

Megan is the go-to gal for all things Clearhead. She keep’s us organized and looking forward. Planning internal development projects we call Labs, team discussions, and training. Megan is also all things Social, managing our social media content and accounts.


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We’re looking for people with a shared interest and understanding of our culture and creativity. You’ve got to be skilled, competitive by nature, fearless of failure and driven by a relentless passion to perfect your craft. We’re looking for candidates with experience in a variety of different backgrounds and cross-disciplines.


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