Clearhead welcomes Martin Carmody as Non-Executive Director

Clearhead, a video content agency, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Martin Carmody as the newest member of its leadership team. Martin will serve as the Non-Executive Director, bringing a wealth of experience to guide Clearhead’s strategic initiatives and support their expansion into Milton Keynes.

In his new role, Martin will play a pivotal part in shaping Clearhead’s vision, contributing to the agency’s growth strategy and further strengthening its position at the forefront of content creation and marketing. With a keen focus on collaboration and relationship-building, Martin’s approach aligns seamlessly with Clearhead’s commitment to fostering meaningful connections with clients and communities.

Martin Carmody shared his excitement about joining Clearhead:
“It’s a pivotal time to be joining the team and agency on their next wave of growth. I’m passionate about connecting people and Clearhead’s commitment to purpose-driven content marketing resonates with me, and I am eager to contribute to the agency’s journey and add value to its credible portfolio of clients. Together, I’ll look forward to exploring new horizons, and playing a part in the next wave of agency and client success.”

Alex, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, expressed his enthusiasm for Martin’s appointment:
“Martin brings a unique blend of experience and insight that aligns perfectly with Clearhead’s Creative Chemistry® framework. His ‘people first’ approach and commitment to continuous improvement align with our values. We’re confident that Martin’s strategic guidance will propel Clearhead to new heights.”

Clearhead video production agency appoint new non executive director Martin Carmody

Gavin O’Brien, CEO of Clearhead, shared his thoughts on this strategic addition to the team:
“As we continue our journey at the intersection of culture, content, and strategic growth, Martin’s appointment strengthens our foundation. His proven track record and passion for innovation make him a valuable asset as we navigate the evolving content creation and marketing landscape.”

Martin’s appointment is a testament to Clearhead’s dedication to excellence and innovation in the industry. This strategic move sets the stage for continued success, reinforcing Clearhead’s commitment to helping clients achieve their business goals through the power of compelling storytelling and data-driven strategies.

Clearhead is a video agency whose purpose is to support brands and organisations to spark chemistry through storytelling, because telling stories can create connections, appeal to hearts as well as minds, and bring about change. Whether Clearhead clients need to emotively connect their message with their audience, communicate complex information, or showcase something new. Clearhead’s Creative Chemistry® framework, helps their clients discover their story, understand their audience, refine their strategy, and transform their marketing. Clearhead works with purpose-driven organisations, including brands, educational institutions, government departments, local authorities, and SaaS companies. Together, promoting equality, shedding light on important stories, explaining complex information, and improving communication.