Creative Chemistry®

The Framework.

Combining the science of strategic storytelling with the craft of filmmaking to spark chemistry with audiences.

Creative Chemistry® is a framework designed to help discover why you need to tell your story, and who you are telling it to. We help you when you don't know where to begin, and how to plan, create and to tell your story to your audience.

You will explore, and build your brand canvas. Learn about Storycraft, and identify the elements you will use to define your narrative and tell your story.

Play with sound

Our Framework.


Brand Canvas.

What makes a good brand story? How do you create one? Are there differences between companies sectors? To answer these questions, we developed our own “storymaking” model, The Creative Chemistry Canvas. In this section you will discover the model and learn how to use it to develop your own brand stories.


Audience first.

When you release a film there are real people on the other end watching it, your audience. People with feelings, opinions, interests, and beliefs. Grouping audiences into rigid profiles and profiling who your audience are from data paints has led to brands losing their way, and their storytelling.

We focus on the behaviors, emotions, and moments that influence your audience so that your story will spark chemistry, create a connection, resonate and engage.



How you tell your story is as important as the story you want to tell. A story should be about people: their dreams and desires; loves and hates; problems and passions. Within "Storycraft", you will learn the tools and structures we use to craft your narrative arc. Focussing our ideas and turning them into fully developed concepts. Creating purpose within each beat of the story to make our audience feel how we want them to, creating a connection between them and our story.



We've all heard the quote "a picture is worth a thousand words". How we decide to tell our story relies on the power of our visuals. When finding "the spark", we decide on the elements we believe will tell our story in the best way and elevate our ideas.

Emotions, pace, colour, music, and tone are all elements we have to decide on to make our film feel like our own and resonate with our audience.



Every great idea needs a perfect plan. Developing the creative and media plan simultaneously opens up opportunities for your content. We create audience focussed content ensuring no last-minute social version cutdowns, no need for extra "coverage" for "just in case" scenarios. But the right content for the right channels, created with purpose.

"Content without purpose has no story. Understanding why to create content is paramount to knowing what to create."

Clients first. Ego second.