Don’t Miss The Boat Again

What were you doing 11 years ago? Just think for a second. When we started all of those years ago (I know, we don’t look old enough) at the grand old age of 21, we could see that video content was going to be huge.

For consumers, the ability to watch video content was becoming easier; the rise of YouTube, the launch of the iPhone and faster broadband becoming more accessible. Whilst for Creatives, the access to more cost-effective, high-quality equipment and versatile software allowed us to create video content “films” that had once been the monopoly of ‘Mad-Men’ style agencies and feature film studios. We were at the forefront of the revolution.

Today, when we speak to a lot of business owners or marketing managers, they all have a similar rhetoric… ‘Why do I need a video?’- I know, it is crazy isn’t it?

Go back 11 years and a lot of the same business owners were saying similar things regarding websites and social media. Imagine if your favourite service provider or product didn’t have a website or social media presence to check their ‘authenticity’ today. Well, you know what? The same is now happening in the content world and we think this has to stop.

Here’s why you should stop to take another look at video content and how it can work for you.

Build Trust In Your Brand

The internet has made it easier than ever to advertise what you do, however, there is now much more competition than ever before. When you look for a service provider, what do you go to first? Maybe look at the reviews? Even though there are so many reviews these days that you don’t know what to trust or not.

So how about setting yourself apart by showcasing what you do, how you do it and who you are?

Video content provides a more direct insight into your product, brand, service and ultimately you. Did you know that 90% of customers are more willing to use your service if they trust who the person is behind it?

Use content to build trust, just like you were more likely to use a service if they had a website 11 years ago.

Build Brand Love

Show off the incredible business you’ve built or are part of and the skills and experience you have! You’ve built these over 2/10/20 years, so why wouldn’t you want to show that off? With content, you can share stories that hero your journey and capabilities that not only helps your consumer but also helps the sector you do business in.

Did you know 7 out of 10 people view a brand more positively after watching interesting video content from that brand [source: Axonn Research.]

With video content, you can showcase the best of your brand and build brand love.

3 Build It With Purpose

Content without a clear purpose does little to drive engagement and brand growth. Of course, content still needs to stand out however, don’t lose the purpose just to grab attention. It’s the purpose behind the film that will drive the emotional engagement that we believe creates stronger brand growth. Combine this with a tone that matches your brand, and the consumer journey will be seamless when they come to pick up your product or buy your service.

So, Are You On The Boat?

Everyone is going to be using video content to build brand trust, brand love and with purpose. So be ahead of the curve. In 11 years time, everyone is going to look back and think how they missed the boat when they didn’t have video content to back up their brand.