Four examples of effective video marketing by colleges and universities

Effective video marketing by colleges and universities. Our continual aim at Clearhead is to create chemistry and produce effective video content and campaign for our education clients. We are passionate about doing so and believe in the power of storytelling through the medium of film. Connecting emotively to instigate engagement, form affinity and establish loyalty. We are constantly inspired by content for colleges and universities across the world and wanted to share some content we believe applies the value mentioned above. Producing effective video marketing by colleges and universities.

1. True Narrative, High in emotion and High production value – University of Sydney

Deng Thiak now a well renowned refugee lawyer was no stranger to adversity, ripped away from his mother and forced into war. Where he sustained a serious injury. At this point things look very bleak for Deng until he was take in by the UN and taken to Western Sydney where he was nursed back to health and given the opportunity of education. Now yielding the power of knowledge and his heart full of reason to change the world Deng qualifies at the University of Sydney.

What makes this film incredible is Deng’s true story and the strong visual that represent themes are courage, motivation and purpose. Going hand in hand with these visuals is an emotive piece of music that makes it hard not to connect with the film.

2. Mid end budget film – Northampton College

A multi award winner this campaign follows the journey of a number of students, showcasing their struggles and their talents in front of our eyes.

3. Brilliant rebrand – Ravensbourne College

Ravensbourne is a forward thinking College and with its new facilities it wanted its brand to follow that. As such, NB Studio produced a fluid and dynamic rebrand which really pushed forwards what was possible for an education institute, with great bravery and strategic thinking.

4. Unapologetic Filmmaking – University of Hull

Not every institute in the country is lucky enough to be stereotypically ‘pretty’. As such you need to make sure that you bring the ‘vibe’ across in a different way. Working in conjunction with Net Natives, this film still is the one that shows how you can have a completely different tone and still be successful in getting your message across.