Using the emotive power of animation for good

The emotive power of animation. At the start of the initial lockdown period in late March 2020, video production in the UK almost ground to a complete halt. People were naturally unsure and scared about what was going to happen and what it would mean for their businesses financially and found it hard to justify spending money on hiring video production agencies to create stories when there were so many risks at play. And although video production jobs were being canceled, the need to tell important stories and bring awareness to good causes was as high as ever.

At Clearhead we are in the rare position of being able to offer high-quality film and video production as well as animation services in-house and with animation being a lower cost and safer option, many of our clients decided to pivot and tell their stories through the use of emotive animation instead.

With the vast range of styles and tones animation offers, it is the perfect medium to convey serious and emotional themes, often in ways, the spoken word can’t. Without having to rely on costly actors, locations, crew, and equipment, animation allows you the opportunity to create and refine every element of your narrative and setting without ever having to leave your desk… except maybe for tea and biscuits.

Examples of using the emotive power of storytelling for good

We’ve been very privileged and humbled to be given the opportunity to work on some truly excellent animation projects over the past 13 months and each offered its own unique challenges surrounding the best style to convey the message and how to evoke an emotional response from the viewer and encourage them to take action.

Bedfordshire Police – Against violence and exploitation

Dealing with some clearly adult themes, using stylized hand-drawn animation techniques allowed us to offer a simple and streamlined way to connect with the audience, and deal with some very heavy themes, such as drug use, physical deterioration, and sexual trafficking without ever appearing as shocking as showing the same elements in a filmed environment might be.

Aspire Higher – Mental Health film

Using a squeezy, anthropomorphic stress ball in place of a human meant viewers could instantly warm to and feel empathy for the main character of our e-Learning Wellbeing animation for Aspire Higher, completely eliminating the potential issues that casting an actor of a specific age, gender, and appearance could bring and allows the film to create an emotional connection with a completely universal audience.

PROSEU – Renewable Energy

Environmental protection and preservation is a subject close to the heart of the team at Clearhead. By using beautiful hand-drawn elements on a simple white paper background we maintained a connection to the natural world we are so close to losing and could take the viewer on an ever-evolving journey through the problems our world is facing and how we might be able to stop them and keep the overall message of hope, clear and focused at all times.

As the world slowly continues to be vaccinated against Covid-19 and things are finally starting to get “back to normal”, it’s clear that some people have been awakened to the emotional power that the medium of animation brings to storytelling and it will not be going away any time soon.

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