Engage through differentiation

Good stories can help people feel as though they’re sharing your experience in person, and this offers your destination an exciting opportunity to differentiate your stories from other destinations’. Make your stories about much more than just a list of must-do highlights; share emotions and feelings to help consumers build deeper connections with the people and places in your destinations.

The objective for destination marketing strategies will remain focused on promoting attractive and aspirational lifestyle experiences. People want to visit destinations to experience relaxation, adventure, culture and ultimately something new, unique and a place where they can dream with their eyes wide open.

Therefore primary marketing content revolves around storytelling and visuals that enhance the key features of a destination that sell the experience expectations of a potential customer.

There are two traditional approaches to creating content with these objectives. Epic, awe-inspiring visual content that cinematically sells the high-quality value expectation of the consumer and secondly, authentic case studies that prove through previous experiences, the high-quality value expectation of the customer

Both approaches work and engage in their own capacity, however, through growing algorithmic social platform engagement and with an increasingly savvy, ad aware consumer, what audiences are open to engage with are either short Epic, awe-inspiring visual content that will sell the dream or slightly longer short form content that tell original, authentic stories. The reason for this is that people know when they are being sold to and are willing to accept this for a short amount of time if the content you are using to do this is high quality, entertaining and crystal clear with it’s call to action.

However, to establish quality, relational engagement with your target consumer the content must strike a chord emotively, build brand trust through true authenticity and inspire acquisition through the sharing of aspirational experiences. This is why the power of social influence via platforms such as Youtube and Instagram has become such a strong device for establishing brand relationships and why the use of socially prevalent individuals has now been manipulated within paid branded content. Taking strong, trusted high volume relationships, built from transparent authentic content by individual content creators and utilizing that relationship by correlating the values, opinions and desires of the influencers to that of the brands.

We can build this marketing engagement evolution into the storytelling and content planning of films for the content marketing of destinations through 4 steps.

1. Find your stories – It’s about the customer, not you

Whether through reviews, survey’s or feedback via employees, focus on gathering and processing the stories of experiences your customers have had. These stories will ensure your content marketing doesn’t revolve around you but the customer Then use these stories to influence and inspire either the fictional narrative of your Hero TVC or document them as case studies to emotively share that authentic experience online.

2. Focus on differentiation

Focus your marketable value on differentiation. You are unique, your destination is unique, your team are unique so use this as you market strength. Differentiation is the key to activating content that will spark engagement, conversation and transaction. Review every offering compared to your competitor destinations and understand how you do them differently. Also look for what you offer or how you approach an offering that your competitors do not and focus your marketing on these.

3. Build a sense of place

A place is a location with purpose. Not just a destination. Focus on what that purpose is. Does your place provide retreat, sanctuary, adventure, relationship? Determine the destinations purpose and build stories around that. Connect with the customer emotively through that purpose and build the content marketing around characteristics that make that place special and unique. Where I, you, we can go to feel and be what we were searching and hoping for.

4. Keep it real – It’s easy to be authentic

It’s easy to be authentic when you truly understand your customers and their most pressing concerns. With that understanding, authenticity comes naturally. By combining genuine understanding with narrative skills, you can tell memorable and compelling stories that will be meaningful to your consumers.

One of the greatest strengths at Clearhead is using emotive storytelling to establish and build quality, relational engagement that connects to your target audience authentically and effectively. We can help you create a memorable brand identity that your customers will associate and engage with.