Experiential Content Production. Creating immersive experiences through video and animation.

What we do.

Transforming spaces with innovative content production.

At Clearhead, we specialise in creating immersive digital experiences through cutting-edge video, animation, and 3D CGI. Our team excels in transforming spaces into captivating environments that engage and inspire. Whether it's interactive video walls, dynamic museum exhibits, or stunning hotel lobby displays, we use the latest technologies and creative storytelling techniques to bring your vision to life. Our work enhances guest experiences in lobbies, casinos, hotels, stadiums, and flagship stores, making every visit unforgettable.
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Immersive lobby experience.

Madame Tussauds Berlin

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Anamorphic Content Experience.

Talking Sticks Casino.

We can offer a lot.


Creative Chemistry™ for Commercial Developments.

Immerse your audience in the unique story of your commercial properties with Clearhead's Creative Chemistry™ framework. Craft concise and curiosity-inducing narratives that resonate with your target occupiers, asset managers, and investors. Uncover the synergy between your property brand and the surrounding neighbourhood through captivating videos that leave a lasting impression.

- Creative Chemistry™ Video Framework for Real Estate
- Narrative Creation for Property Brand and Neighbourhood Synergy
- Curiosity-Driven Video Storytelling


Catalyse. Data, insight, and access.

Unlock the power of data-driven video marketing tailored for commercial real estate. Clearhead blends strategic planning with data intelligence, ensuring your videos resonate with the right audience. From captivating drone footage to immersive property tours, our tailored videos align with the preferences of your target buyers. Leverage social media tools and explore diverse video formats to maximise reach.

- Investor Relations
- Project Proposition Storytelling
- Portfolio Showcase
- Property Showcase
- Client Testimonials


Crafting with passion. Creating with vision.

Transform your commercial real estate brand into visual masterpieces with Clearhead's design expertise. From live-action footage to 2D/3D animations, our designers craft visually stunning videos that showcase the best aspects of your properties. Whether emphasising exterior allure or highlighting key amenities, our videos provide a virtual walkthrough that captivates potential occupiers and investors.

- Portfolio Promotion
- 2D/3D Animation for Property Showcase
- 360 Virtual Video Tours
- Drone Video for Aerial Perspectives
- Immersive Development Renders


Igniting your content, and conversations.

Ignite meaningful conversations around your commercial properties with Clearhead's content mastery. Craft blog posts, articles, and infographics that educate, inform, and inspire. Our content strategies, backed by analytics, ensure your message resonates with a broader audience, attracting occupiers, lenders, and investors. Spark engagement through a blend of informative and visually compelling content.

- Asset Activation Content for Commercial Real Estate
- Tailored Distribution Strategies
- Analytics-Driven Content Optimisation

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Buckingham Palace balcony video.

Madame Tussauds London

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Game Promotional 360 Film.

Zombie Gunship Survival

"At Clearhead, we combine storytelling with cutting-edge technology to create immersive digital experiences. From hotel lobby displays to museum exhibits, our video, animation, and 3D CGI transform spaces into captivating environments. Partner with us to elevate your space with innovative content."