Film maker lands job

From the classroom to film studio – the newest recruit at Luton’s video production agency Clearhead is making headlines after landing the job of his dreams.

Cameron Stolber, 21, first came across Clearhead after a university visit and a motivating talk by the company’s CEO Gavin O’Brien.

Cameron, recently recruited as Associate Producer at the Luton company, said: “Coming straight from university into a role with such a lot of responsibility was initially daunting, but what an exciting challenge and I’ve already learned so, so much.

“I’ve always been a creative at heart, but it was coming across Clearhead that really focused me. Gavin gave me such an insight into the industry and after graduating my dream was to work for this incredible company.“

Since starting at Clearhead Cameron has been involved a large variety of different projects ranging from corporate animations to larger film-based shoots. 

“It’s been a great challenge learning to adapt my skills to different types of productions, said Cameron, “and we have so many more projects lined up.”

Since joining the company in July Cameron has already worked on shoots at Bedford College, Groupe SEB and the NHS – with future jobs set to include US based healthcare company Minerva and the Department of Education.

Gavin O’Brien said: “Talking to and motivating students is such a buzz and as a company we are passionate about nurturing and recruiting young, local talent. I remember the moment I met Cameron – his passion, attentiveness and talent made him stand out – and we have been delighted to welcome him into the team.“

Hear more from Cameron:

What I love about Clearhead: The great thing about Clearhead is how tight the team is. There are only 11 of us in-house, working across pre-production, production, and post-production. Everyone knows what each other is working on and everyone lends a helping hand and generously shares their skills and expertise. The variety of content is also a huge plus for me. The work we do is always different and constantly keeps me on my feet. 

My aspirations: Although it’s hard to say where I’ll be years from now as I’m so early on in my career, I hope to expand my skill set rapidly, learn new things about this side of the industry, and challenge myself consistently to become better at my role. For now, I hope to grow alongside Clearhead and their ambitions for the future. 

My advice to others: This industry can seem super complex and daunting from the outside, there’s so many moving parts and facets to break into – it can be quite overwhelming at first. However, if you have a real passion for it, you’ll end up slotting into a gap that suits you. The industry offers so much variety and excitement and that’s just something I don’t think I would find elsewhere. I couldn’t recommend this industry enough if you have real drive for it.