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After the Creative Chemistry

Once the results of the Creative Chemistry have been digested by our in-house creatives, they will be uploaded to our project management system for confirmation. Here all parties will be able to view all documents, message threads, timelines, to-dos and any other media related to your project - it’s very handy!

Next your story will begin to come to life, as our team will draft a creative treatment for your project. This will be sent over in two parts - firstly a synopsis, followed by the full film treatment. The synopsis is an overview of the approach we are proposing, which will need signing off before the treatment is then sent. The treatment will include everything discussed in the Creative Chemistry - all of the objectives, KPI's, influences, key messages and the distribution plan. It will outline our approach, and the strategic effect it will have on your audience. Don’t worry if you’re not up to speed with the jargon - the treatment will include visual references so you can envisage how the final product will look.

All of this will be wrapped up in a neat PDF and sent to you via our project management tool, which will need to be signed off by you before production can begin.

Planning is key

This is where our producers will come into their own. Before we start to prepare for the big filming day, timelines have to be drafted. These are crucial, as they let all parties know when each aspect of the production is taking place and will be completed by - this includes casting, location recces, film deliveries and feedback deadlines.

Timeline documents help keep both sides accountable, and adhering to the outlined dates will ensure that we can deliver a high-quality product to your specifications on time. This will need to be signed off before production begins. For some projects a shot list might be necessary, especially when the shots are corresponding to a script.

Once the treatment has been signed off, we will use it to create a detailed shot list that outlines all shots we are aiming to capture on the filming day - like a check list or a storyboard. Again, as with all of these documents this will need to be signed off before we can progress to the next step.

The big day

We understand that you might anticipate this day to be quite stressful, but everything will be fine - trust us, this isn’t our first rodeo! On the day of the shoot we will be following the call sheet (this can be created by us, or we can support you to create this if required). The call sheet will be shared before the first shoot day and will provide a detailed breakdown of the day, outlining key information such as where, when and who we are filming along with key contact details.

If you have been tasked with making the call sheet, don’t worry, we can provide you with a template which will help you create your own - just ask a Clearhead team member.

We will send out the call sheet to all relevant parties, including your team, our team, talent and any freelancers hired to help us out on the shoot. On the day, the shot list will be our guide for what we need to capture to make your story a reality. As we go along, the director will be asking you for your feedback and sign off. You will be equipped with a viewing monitor, so you can see everything that is being recorded - we want you to enjoy participating in the film-making experience.

Want to know what to expect? Take a look at the behind-the-scenes film for

Here comes the fun bit

Once we have selected all of the best bits of footage from the shoot day and edited them down, we will deliver a maximum of three versions for you to review and feed back on. So that’s three film deliveries, and two chances to amend.

V1 (version one) is the first time you’ll see an edit of your film - exciting! Although we still have a few steps to complete before the final product is ready, in this version we will select the best takes and shots in order to create a great story - this is our suggested structure for the film.

By V2 we’ve almost got it. With the help of your feedback, we will tweak a few things here and there, and you will see your film start to become more refined.

V3 is the final version, and it's where the magic happens. Up until now, your film will have looked washed out and generally a bit flat, but this all changes in V3. We will colour grade the footage to make it pop, along with professionally mixing down the audio so that it’s ready to be played on any device at the highest quality. The third version is normally our final edit, so we suggest that you collate all of your comments and feed that back to us during versions one and two.

Viewing your film

Once the project has been signed off, we will upload a high-quality version of your film onto our collaborative post-production platform.

Before we deliver the first version of your film, you will have been sent an invitation to become a collaborator on the project - this is usually via email. If you follow the on-screen instructions, you’ll be able to access the platform and view your project. What we love most about this platform is that you can view your film whilst directly adding annotations and comments - say goodbye to notepads full of random timecodes and comments!

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