From script to screen

From script to screen. When you watch a film you may appreciate the end result. The beautiful visuals, the story arc and even the emotional impact it has had on you. However before we can get on location and call action, there is a lot of considered exploration, opinion and strategy that has to be listened to, challenged and worked through. So how do we begin?

Content without purpose has no story. So to begin, we ask a lot of questions and more importantly we listen. We have to listen hard. We have to learn, soak up a brand, purpose, target audience. Immerse ourselves so that we can truly understand the why!

Creative Chemistry

We do this through our own trademarked framework called Creative Chemistry. More than a meeting, we explore with our clients their purpose, the contents purpose, establish vision and teach our clients the craft of storytelling and the power of emotion in reaching their audience.

The Big Idea

Beyond Creative Chemistry a big idea is formed. An anchor to everything that will come after. To keep us aligned, accountable and on the same path. The big idea expresses the discovery of our creative exploration and forms a synopsis to the film we are going to produce.

Next we look to create the structure of the big idea. The skeleton we can attach the films heart to. We do this in the form of a script. Even if not to be spoken as a voice over, writing a script helps us create a story arc for our film and applies guidance to what we may need to create visually.

Narrative Breakdown

We can then take this script and translate that into a narrative breakdown. A more detailed description of the scenes that will support each line of the script. It describes camera movement, character action and camera transitions. I also then start to source and attach visual references for the image i am creating in my mind. I use Shotdeck to source my images. A curated suite of still frames taking from major motion pictures. I can search for what i am looking for and source a high resolution still that i can download and add to my narrative breakdown or stills storyboard.

This narrative breakdown is then shared with the client so that we can gauge their thoughts and concerns before committing to the development of a storyboard. This is where visual references really add value and help the client visualise the film in their mind. Once the client is happy we can start to develop storyboards for production.


For this last step in the process we use a platform and partner of Clearhead’s called Studio Binder. A fantastic all in one pre production toolkit. We are able to translate our script into storyboards. Breakdown those scenes into casting, props, location lists and generate shoot call sheets. If you haven’t heard of them we highly recommend signing up.

About Clearhead

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