Five reasons your healthcare organisation needs video

Is your hospital or healthcare organisation seeking to:

  1. Grow your market share?
  2. Reduce health inequalities?
  3. Improve your clinical outcomes?
  4. Improve your patient experience?
  5. Free up staff time from non-clinical duties?

Video could be your secret weapon.

How video helps you achieve key objectives for your healthcare organisation:

1. Increase your market share

We believe what we see, not what we hear or read. Video can showcase how clean and safe your units are. It can convey how passionate and professional your staff are. As a result, prospective service users feel more reassured about your healthcare services, leading to increased demand and therefore revenue.

2. Reduce healthcare inequalities

If ethnic minorities can’t access information in their native tongue, they are less likely to request the healthcare services they need. We provide dubbed and subtitled translations of video content to help you improve access and take-up among hard-to-reach minorities.

3. Improve your clinical outcomes

Better-informed patients (and their partners) leads to improved outcomes, including fewer emergencies, interventions and missed appointments. Video can help inform patients about their treatment and aftercare in an accessible, engaging format.

4. Improve your patient experience

Well-informed patients are calmer, more prepared and have more realistic expectations. Video content can deliver the right information at the right time, in the most popular and digestible format of all. Managed expectations and improved clinical outcomes also means fewer complaints and litigation.

5. Free up staff time from non-clinical duties

Are your staff delivering physical tours (e.g. for your maternity unit)? Video can provide an effective virtual tour of your healthcare facilities, making in-person tours obsolete. Do your staff keep getting calls about the same questions? Answer them using video or animation so that prospective patients and visitors can access self-service content 24/7.

Find out how video supported the work of the maternity team at Luton & Dunstable Hospital

Ask us about our video work for Luton & Dunstable Hospital. We’ll explain how the content we created led to significant cost savings, increased clinical time for nurses and improved friends and family ratings. Email or call us on 02074941589