Help make your content shine!

Be brave

We will always encourage you to be brave with your advertising whatever brand you have. Whether you are the owner or the marketing/social team we encourage you to push the creativity to the maximum (which could be more cost effective than you think)! We will always expand the creative possibilities and give you opportunities to show us examples that you like. Now this doesn’t have to be anything to do with your type of health and beauty brand, nor does it have to be anything to do with health and beauty at all! It could be a film sequence in the cinema you liked, an ad that you saw on telly. Or just a YouTube ad you saw yesterday! Anything is possible!

Have a clear message

With all the noise that surrounds brands these days, as a brand in health and beauty, you have both the easiest task (that what you have is new, fresh and exciting) but also potentially the hardest task (educating people as to what this fresh and new thing actually is). You need to ensure that you have a clear message to allow your audience to pick it up easily. Remember that clear message doesn’t have to tell them everything (remember those 10-minute boring epics you used to see?)! Keep it short and sharp and allow the viewer to make the next step on that transactional journey.

Create a buzz

Don’t be backwards in coming forwards with the ‘buzz’ surrounding your brand. We want to use as much hyperbole as possible within your content to grab your viewers attention. This can be shown through numerous different techniques, using different storytelling genres (humour, emotion, information). Don’t worry get in touch and we can help to define through our award-winning Creative Chemistry Meetings (CCM).

Customer journey

Just like your own journey, you need to take your customer on a guided tour of your content, with turnstiles at every point. So we recommend a 15-second cut-down for your social media, which captures the attention of browsers. From there on in you control that journey, with the ultimate aim that when they have bought into your brand, you have enough ‘stickability’ to allow you the time to showcase longer form content of 90-120 seconds. This can be placed onto the banner of your website and then played, helping to achieve longer rest times on your page. Within this time it allows enough emotional connection to potentially turn a conversion into a transaction.