How to film during COVID-19

At Clearhead, we are passionate about our industry getting back up to speed as soon as possible, but eager to make sure that is done safely for all those involved. How to film during COVID-19 is something we want to have an open conversation about.

Following the governments extensive advise, we wanted to try and create a simple COVID-19 guide to help keep everyone safe! You can use this to inform your own risk assessments or even download our full ‘Physical distance guidelines’ document!

Stay safe.


  • Pre production meetings should take place over video conference / phone calls (we’ve all gotten pretty good at that, right?).
  • Have a ‘plan-b’. There is an increased chance of your plans being effected by illness.
  • Avoid developing treatments that will require ‘vulnerable talent’ (namely those 70 or over / with pre-existing medical conditions).


  • Keep numbers on set to an absolute minimum – essential personnel only.
  • Stagger call times to avoid congestion.
  • Time should be allowed in the schedule for equipment & location to be cleaned at the start and end of each filming day.
  • Hands to be washed at regular intervals and on arrival at each new location.
  • All attendees must travel separately.
  • PPE to be worn by crew (masks and gloves) & social distancing must be observed at all times.
  • Boom sound used wherever possible to avoid close personal proximity. 
  • Anyone feeling unwell must notify the Producer immediately.


  • No desk sharing – Editors must work at a dedicated station.
  • Edit stations should be cleaned at the start and end of every day.
  • Encourage clients to review, discuss and sign edits off remotely rather than attending in person.
  • Voiceover work should be carried out remotely via video conference.

We hope this little list (though it seems obvious) will help to organise your thinking and stay safe during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Clearhead’s robust production capacity has held strong during these difficult times. Our team are fully operational whilst we work remotely. Reaching your audience is more important than ever and we’re here to help!

In need of creative production? Give us a call to discuss, or even just for a chat! This remote working thing is terribly lonely!

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