How to write a script

How to write a good script. One of the key ingredients for any successful film is a good script. This requires combining your marketing objectives with creative ideas, which may seem like a challenge when every member of your team has a different idea about what is required.

To overcome this and get production off to a flying start, we begin every project with a Creative Chemistry meeting. This is an opportunity to get everyone who is involved in the project together to have an open discussion about your brand and the key messages that need to be conveyed in your film. We can then begin to develop a bespoke narrative that suits your brand voice and will appeal to your target audience.

These are our main considerations during the scripting process:

Simple narrative and evolving progression

Whether we are telling the story of a character’s journey, your brand ethos or your heritage, a good rule of thumb is to always keep the narrative simple. We think about the developing journey and motion that will drive your narrative towards its conclusion.

An authentic voice

Authentic characters and scenarios will help the audience relate to the film’s key messages. We are able to achieve this more effectively if we are provided with customer profiles, case studies and testimonials.

Actions not words

While it can be tempting to write your key messages into the script or explain them with motion graphics, a far more effective approach is to communicate these ideas through the film’s visuals and the stories the characters tell.

Quality control

When we’ve completed the first draft of your script, we’ll share it with the rest of the creative team to gather their thoughts and opinions. A fresh perspective helps us to refine the story before we send it to you to review.