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How do you create chemistry with your employees?

The pandemic has catapulted internal communications content into the digital stratosphere, and we think that’s a great thing. It has also opened up conversations about the importance of employer brand and how recruitment, induction, staff engagement, and staff retention are interlinked, not a series of unrelated areas. (There’s no point in running a super exciting recruitment campaign if it doesn’t accurately reflect your organisation’s culture and employee experience). 

With hybrid working models now being adopted, organisations are relying more on digital content to reach their people and prospective employees, to communicate more effectively about their values, strategic priorities, employee offer, and those day to day business updates. And that’s where we come in.
Whether you are running an external campaign that you want your employees to be aware of, an internal communications campaign, or you’re looking to transform your employer brand, our in-house experts can work with you to identify the best way to make an impact.

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IC health check.

If it has been a while since you took an in-depth look at your internal communication, we can help.  We will work with you to take a fresh look at your HR and communications strategies, employee insight, and your channels, to see if new technologies and practices could help transform how you do things.

Strategy review
Channels review
Best practice & benchmarking



We know how important it is to keep your employees connected, informed, and involved. Whether you want to give them a sneak preview of a forthcoming campaign, communicate a change or share an important corporate update, we can help you achieve this by creating amazing content that’s informative, accessible, and fun.

Explainer animation
Film production


Employer brand.

Put simply, this is your company’s promise to current employees, prospective employees and their customers. It encompasses everything you stand for (vision, mission, values, offer, personality, ethics, USPs etc) and how they articulate it, internally and externally. And it is the lived experience of your employees. We can help you articulate and communicate what you stand for through a consistent and accurate narrative, visual identity and great content.

Visual identity and employer narrative (employer messaging, brand guidelines)
Recruitment campaigns (video, animation, social media content)
E-learning (induction, training & development, health & wellbeing)

IC strategy partners.

"Starting our podcast unlocked a more transparent way of connecting with our people. It felt honest, real, and open. Thank you to Clearhead for encouraging us to be brave and start our own podcast."

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