Is there a future for creativity?

Creativity. What does it mean to you? Is it the right part of your brain? Does it mean art, or film or maybe just not thinking logically?

Over the past few years, we have found that creativity has had a hard press. In the media, we hear that ‘creative degrees’ are for students who ‘want an easy life’, who are ‘lazy’ who is ‘never going to get a job’. Creativity is being removed from School and College’s in an unprecedented attack on the spirit that has been around since the dawn of time. Computers also seem to be infringing on the ground that creativity currently holds, with more automated services than ever.

So is there a future for creativity? We believe that creativity IS the future and as such real value should be placed with it and invested.

Let me explain, without creativity, then every problem would be exactly that, a problem. Creativity is needed to find solutions, to find angles and to think outside the box. That is true of engineers, where STEM (Science, Technology, Education and Maths) is being replaced by STEAM (Arts) to recognise that for all the logistical thinking a large dollop of creative thinking is also needed.

When ‘robots take over’ and AI becomes a prominent part of society what is going to be the area that will be touched last and be the most difficult for the robots to replicate. That’s right creativity. Because that depends on human personality, nature, and error. Things that we take for granted but are so precious.

Bringing it back to content making, we often ask our clients do you want your work to stand out? The answer is always a resounding YES! However, what are the main ways it can stand out? You guessed it. Through creativity. That can be in the storytelling angle, in the particular piece of equipment we use, or the technique in which it is told or just through innovating.

The issue often comes however in budgeting for it. As it isn’t something that is always ‘tangible’ it is seen as the poor brother or sister to ‘organising’. However, like any skill that is learned and crafted over decades, creativity doesn’t just happen. It is nurtured and chiseled to be at its sharpest after a very long period of time, completing a high number of projects. It is what makes us different.

BY Gavin O’Brien