Implementing the Launch Plan for your video content

Does each video you create have a Launch Plan? Here’s why you need one and how we can help.

Creating video content is just the first half of the job. Getting it in front of your target audience, in the right way, is the second half.

Not having a launch plan is like baking a cake but neglecting to serve it up. It might taste great – it might be the most delicious cake in the world – but who cares, if no-one gets to eat it?!

Similarly, your video content can only set the hearts and minds of your target audience aflame if they see it. We’ll help make it happen with our choice of three service levels:

1. Launch Guide

Every client receives a copy of our Launch Guide. This provides practical tips for distributing and promoting your video content, including information about things you may not have thought of (such as music licensing if you’re broadcasting your video at the cinema or through VOD). The guide will prompt you through the process of creating your Launch Plan.

2. Fuel the Tank

Our Fuel the Tank service gives you access to our full team’s expertise. Together, we will strategise the most effective distribution and promotion plan for your video content. We’ll discuss and propose how best to spread your resources across owned, paid and earned channels. We’ll build on your existing brand strategy while reaching towards your business objectives.

Afterwards, you’ll receive a succinct written Launch Plan with timescales, budgets and forecast results for each channel. We’ll provide you with the assets you need to deliver the plan. Then, it’s over to your team to implement it.

3. Autopilot

You’re busy, so let us ensure your video transports your audience to where you want them to be. We’ll collaboratively strategise the distribution and promotion for your video content with you, then implement the agreed Launch Plan on your behalf.

From planning and budgeting through to optimising and reporting, we’ll make it happen without any extra stress or workload for your team. We’ll create all the assets needed for the campaign, and respond to real-time data to ensure every element of the campaign is as effective as it can be.

You’ll have full access to our team’s expertise throughout, and the reassurance that people who live and breathe digital communications are mobilising your content for you. Afterwards, you’ll receive a detailed evaluation showing the impact of the campaign, insights into its performance and recommendations on next steps.

Ready to turn the ignition key?

Whether you’ve got your Launch Plan ready, or if you’ve no idea where to start, get in contact. We’ll ask about your goals for your video content and your campaign and discuss your options with you.

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