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Connecting people with places

It’s vital in the leisure and tourism sector to connect with audiences on an emotional level. We use every tool in our box in order to build that connection.

No matter where they watch, your potential visitors should be taken on a journey that showcases unique experiences on offer. Through the emotional connection, we can tap into and trigger an audiences feelings and aspirations. The film(s) transform your location into an irresistible destination.

Our team’s extensive experience in the sector means that whether you’re doing a TV advert for modern parent families, an online promo for empty-nest adventurers or a 360 VR & AR social media campaign for metro high-flyers — we have the capability to help you craft the story that connects the people to your place.

Campaign cognition

You can’t just throw a film out into the world and hope for the best. Pretty visuals alone can’t truly connect with people. Everything needs to be bound together with a strong concept and supporting campaign. We’re always thinking bigger than the brief in order to ensure engagement with whatever we create together.

Engagement starts with strategic thinking which ties together the content in the distribution plan and co-ordinates the campaign across multiple media platforms. True engagement comes from ensuring that the content itself connects whether that be traditional print media, cinema advertising, television commercials, virtual reality, augmented reality or social media campaigns.

Content aware

The breadth of our experience helps us advise clients more effectively when producing a range of films or deliverables; separate films for different demographics, varying length edits of the same film for a variety of social media platforms or hero and hub content plans.

We can help advise on the best way forward in terms of content plan and delivery. In addition to online, we can help you to deliver films for cinema or TV broadcast and can even help guide you through the process of media buying.

Just think of us as the content wizards you’ve always been looking for.

360 degree immersion

Part of our magic is that we embrace the very latest technologies when we feel they work for the brief. Recently we have done a series of films using the latest 360 degree film cameras. This kind of filmed interactive content can be great for increasing engagement and really immersing potential visitors in a location and experience.

It’s certainly not for every project; but we’ve found it’s been ideal for showing off accommodation or breathtaking locations and views. We’ve also just completed our first 360 degree drone shot which offers a totally unique interactive aerial experience.

1.5 Million Views

Zombie Gunship Survival

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