Let's create chemistry A strategic approach to video content

Let's start at the beginning

All cards on the table. No idea is a bad idea. We believe in challenges and results.

Welcome to the Creative Chemistry. Don’t expect a pitch - this is an opportunity for you to share your challenges and ideas and for us to listen, learn and understand. We are strategic creatives and before we start to generate ideas for your project, we need to understand what you are setting out to achieve.

Our team will lead the conversation to establish a clear direction, and identify the objectives, challenges and success metrics for your project. We want to know as much as possible about your team, your vision and any ideas that you already have to ensure that we create purpose-led content.

With digital content the ‘where’ is as important as the ‘what’, so within the Creative Chemistry we will also explore distribution options. We want to ensure that the content engages with the targeted audience and aligns with the way you are measuring success, to ensure maximum impact and achieve your KPI’s.

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Bring your ideas

It’s good to have a clear brief, but also to be open-minded during the Creative Chemistry session. The following points are worth considering beforehand:

• Is the brief defined or open to input?
• What are the stakeholders expectations?
• Have you thought about a platform or distribution method after delivery?
• What’s your inspiration and do you have any examples?
• Have you considered visual style, pace, length and music if you project is film-based?
• Have you got anyone you’d like to include in the project?
• What key content or messages would you like to be conveyed in your project?
• What ideas do you have? Let us know!

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Content without purpose has no story

We always ask our clients before anything else: why? Why are we making this piece of content? Why will it engage the audience you want it to? Why will it portray your brand in the way you want? This is to ignite thinking about how the creative approach and distribution strategy will best serve the audience the content is intended for and your business objectives at the same time. Are we adding value to our business? Are we adding value for our audience? Will the content have purpose? 

Once purpose is established, it will act as the foundation for a brand’s narrative and an infinite source of inspiration for storytelling across all audiences and channels. Every interaction becomes an opportunity to tell the brand’s story. This is also vital as brands seek to optimise their awareness and feed social platforms with new and relevant content.

Agencies tend to talk about all different types of data: analytics, dwell time, completion time, shares. At Clearhead we aim to stay focused on the problems you’re trying to solve and the purpose you have established, and to keep questioning, analyzing, testing and learning from mistakes of the past. Then do it again and again.

Metrics should reflect what your brand cares about, and that will change from brand to brand, but also between individual campaigns. The way you measure success should always be changing. Dream up new ways to understand and learn from data. As we continue to search for new ways to measure success, focus on purpose. Remember, content without purpose has no story.

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