Mental health wellbeing animation

Mental health and wellbeing animation. Mental health and wellbeing fortunately is a subject that has become increasingly more prevalent in recent years. We are fortunate to have increased awareness, improved resources, and challenged the stigma of it. Catalyzing the increase in confidence people now have in opening up and talking about their own mental health and accepting that we all have to care for our mental health as a priority.

When our client Aspire Higher told us they were aiming to produce a resource on mental health and wellbeing we jumped at the opportunity to support them. To work out the purpose of the resource and deconstruct that to strategize the most valuable approach to telling a story that would connect with and impact the audience as intended.

When we were discussing the purpose and ideas of the resource within our Creative Chemistry meeting, it was clear that an animation approach would be the most impactful medium to use. With animation, content is without limits. We did not have to work within the confines of existing case studies or the restrictions of pandemic filming. Whatever we could dream of as the most appropriate idea to move forward with we knew that animation would allow us to bring it to life.

Mental health is complex and emotively sensitive. When engaging a young audience it is imperative the content grasps their attention and informs. However, it shouldn’t patronize their age or knowledge. We do not know their level of experience with mental health wellbeing. The content should be crafted with empathy, to tell a story that is relatable and establishing an emotive connection.

We decided to create a character-led story that was universal in understanding for this Mental health wellbeing animation. The concept of following the journey of our lead character, a stress ball. A receiver of the negative impact others can put on them and how they journey through their understanding and recovery. The approach to understanding the psychology of stress, depression, and anxiety we can all be victims of. The tools and strategies available to combat negative mental health habits and how controlling our reactions, capitalizing on the tools available, and seeking help from others can help us take back control of our own wellbeing.

We believe in the impact powerful storytelling can have in education. Education that can impact lives and support positive change. At Clearhead, we care deeply about the purpose of the content we create. What we are needing to achieve and how we can connect with the audience it is intended for.

Every narrative beat is critical reviewed to ensure it achieves its message, then reviewed, presented critiqued, and changed if needed. We do this through content pre-screening, focus groups as well as gaining expert opinion. At the end of the day, creative storytelling is subjective in its success.

With the content, we produce we do not leave success by chance. We critique our own work more than others, seek external opinions and collaborate with our clients to make sure we get it right! That’s why we are proud of our strong on-going client relationships and the assurance received from our positive reviews and reputation.

Are you needing to tell a story and think animation could work for you? Talk to us and let’s start a conversation.

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