Sparking ideas and creating chemistry.

When we create new content, social media can sometimes be an afterthought. Used to promote our new content or repost some old stuff to get more ROI from it. The world has changed, and audience behavior and habits have too. With attention spans shortening, we need to create engaging social-first content!

So before we do anything we need to ask ourselves some questions:

1. What are we trying to achieve? Recruit more students, boost engagement, and communicate a brand message?
2. Who are we trying to reach?
3. What does our audience want to see from us?
4. What does our audience think of us?

Once we know the answers to these questions we can then use some steps to guide what we create:

1. Make your audience feel something.

Unless your goal is to entertain, the goal is to make someone act. If we don’t aim to make them feel something and connect with your content, it definitely isn’t going to affect their behavior.

2. Make it social.

Posting content made for traditional tv or cinema advertising is just not going to cut it. Consider the platforms you want to post your content to and reach your audience where you want to. This means a few things;

Ensure that your videos have captions. Nearly 90% of content watched on mobile devices is watched without sound.

Consider mobile viewing, perhaps your want to create and export your content to fit your platforms aspect ratio, 9:16 for stories, reels, TikTok’s, 5:4 for grid posts.

3. Create moments to tell your story.

When crafting a campaign consider breaking down your distribution funnel into 5 steps;

Start by inspiring your audience and start early. Look to push this content a few months before you are wanting your audience to engage. This could look like a 1-minute hero film to sell your big picture.

As your audience begin to move into a consideration mindset, this would be a perfect time to create some hub content that gets a bit more specific and targeted to what your audience may be specifically looking for.

It’s time to convert. Now you want to be pushing quick and sharp call-to-action ads, targeted to convert sign-ups or sales.

Don’t forget to keep the experience going. Reinforce your messaging and remind your audience what has got them excited. You have crafted specific scenes and messages within your films and you are now able to utilise them in shorter 9-15 second clips. Put some targeted spending behind these to make sure you are kept front of mind. You could even begin to introduce some sharing activities from your audience.

If you would like to have a chat with us more about the above, it sounds like you would find our Creative Chemistry™ workshop useful. Reach out to find out more.